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Dental Veneers in Wheaton, IL

Much like skin, tooth enamel experiences wear and tear as you age. While normal deterioration often results in unwanted discoloration, it can also leave you at higher risk of developing harmful decay. Depending on the state of your teeth, restorative measures may need to be taken in order to keep teeth in the condition you desire.
Wheaton Dental Clinic is the destination for restorative dentistry, like dental veneers, in Wheaton, IL. We pride ourselves on creating personalized solutions for patients that guarantee the right results. Whether you are tired of the aged looked of your teeth or need to protect weakened enamel, veneers may be exactly what you need.

Dental Assistant - Dental Veneers Wheaton IL

The Many Benefits of Tooth Veneers

Not only do veneers serve a restorative purpose, but they also serve a cosmetic purpose. As the veneers effectively cover up imperfections like stains, cracks, and chips, they provide you with a total smile transformation. Each veneer is custom manufactured to look natural.
From the shade to the size, and even the shape, our patients get to have a say in their ultimate veneer design. The following are just some of the facts that make tooth veneers a wise choice for almost any patient:

• Effectively Hide Unwanted Dental Imperfections
• Protect Weakened Enamel from Harmful Materials
• Allow You to Continue Eating Your Favorite Foods
• Easy to Care for with Regular Brushing & Flossing
• Can Last Up to 20 Years or Longer When Well Maintained
• Strong Enough to Withstand Normal Activities & Functions

Veneer Dentist with 23 Years' Experience

Veneers are essentially tooth shaped covers placed over the front-facing surfaces of individual teeth. Depending upon the type of veneer chosen, the teeth might need to be shaped in preparation for placement. When it comes to meticulous dental work like this, don't look to just any dentist.
Turn to a Wheaton veneer dentist who boasts more than 23 years of hands-on experience. Over the course of an impressive career, our founding dentist has continued to make patient care and comfort her main priority. By utilizing the gentlest techniques on a daily basis, she delivers a pain-free experience that produces beautiful and durable tooth veneers.

Learn More About Veneers Today

There's no better time than now to make the health and beauty of your smile a priority. If you are interested in taking advantage of veneers from our reputable dental practice, set up an appointment at your earliest convenience. Our dentist and staff would be happy to address any questions or concerns you have regarding dental veneers before we start the preparation process.
Is it time you considered investing in dental veneers? Contact Wheaton Dental Clinic to learn more about the multi-purpose veneers available for patients like you. We proudly serve residents of Wheaton, Glen Ellyn, Carol Stream, Winfield, and Naperville, Illinois.