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Dental Checkups in Wheaton, IL

Oral health has a great impact on overall bodily health. Heart disease and diabetes are just some of the risks you face when you fail to care for teeth and gums properly. To avoid serious conditions like this, keep your smile in a desirable state with the help of Wheaton Dental Clinic. We encourage patients of all ages to schedule annual dental checkups in Wheaton, IL. These checkups allow us to identify existing dental issues, as well as identify issues that may pose a potential threat in the future. We are thus able to recommend effective treatment options capable of restoring the smile to optimal health.

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The Importance of Regular Dental Cleanings

The purpose of daily brushing and flossing is to ensure the long-lasting strength and beauty of teeth. Yet even the best dental hygiene habits can't prevent the eventual decay of your smile. This is why it is essential that you schedule routine dental cleanings with a qualified dentist like ours.
We utilize cleaning techniques that are able to remove all traces of plaque and tartar, the two leading causes of cavities and fillings, without causing any discomfort. Our gentle approach to dentistry allows even the youngest of patients to feel confident turning to us for annual dental checkups far into the future. During normal checkups, our dentist performs thorough exams, thorough cleanings, and even takes updated x-rays if needed.

Why Schedule Your Annual Dental Checkups with Our Dentist?

At typical dental practices, patients are handed off during appointments to a number of different professionals. One member of the team may perform the initial exam, while another handles the cleaning. This isn't how we handle dental checkups and cleanings at our office.
The leading dentist at our practice presides over appointments from start to finish. No matter how lengthy or time consuming your appointment proves to be, you can rest easy knowing the founding dentist on staff performs all the dental work you need. Your comfort remains her main priority during your visit, so she implements the most trusted methods on a daily basis.

Schedule your next dental checkup at Wheaton Dental Clinic. Contact us to learn more about why we recommend undergoing checkups and cleanings every year. Our office proudly serves patients from Wheaton, Glen Ellyn, Carol Stream, Winfield, and Naperville, Illinois.