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Dental Crown in Wheaton, IL

Tooth decay and damage is an unavoidable consequence of life. This is why Wheaton Dental Clinic is committed to providing a range of restorative solutions designed to prevent the worsening of dental problems. Restorative dentistry is essential to preventing serious consequences, like root canal infections and tooth loss. Depending on the state of your problematic tooth, a simple crown may be all it takes for us to produce the results you desire.
When you need a dental crown in Wheaton, IL, you can feel confident turning to us. Our team prioritizes the comfort and care of patients above all else. We utilize the gentlest techniques to ensure your entire appointment is nothing but relaxing. After the crown placement is complete, you can return to normal oral functions with no fear or discomfort or pain.

What Are Dental Crowns?

A dental crown is tooth-shaped cap made from a durable material like porcelain. When placed over a tooth, it effectively covers all exposed surfaces above the gum. This allows the crown to protect the tooth structure underneath, as well as create a complete tooth transformation.
Our dentist takes detailed molds to ensure all crowns are made exactly to patient expectations. From shape to shade, every aspect of the crowns we offer are always perfectly suited the patient. Should you wish to a crown a tooth for cosmetic or restorative purposes, we have you covered.

Don't Put Off Restoration Any Longer

Continual dental complaints often indicate an underlying issue. Whether you are suffering from increased tooth sensitivity or tooth tenderness, don't hesitate to make an appointment with our reputable dentist. Based on the severity of your problems or the discomfort you are experience, we may recommend placing a temporary crown on the spot. To take advantage of same-day service like this, consult a member of our team at your earliest convenience. 

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Reasons We May Decide to Crown a Tooth

After more than 23 years in dentistry, our founding dentist is uniquely qualified to serve the restorative needs of patients just like you. She takes the time to consider your individual needs in an endeavor to put you one step closer to total dental health. Only if it is in your best interest will we suggest a dental crown. The crowning process is handled from start to finish by our dentist, who commonly recommends crowns for dental problems like the following:

• Chips
• Cracks
• Breaks
• Fillings
• Root Canals

Protect a damaged tooth with a dental crown from Wheaton Dental Clinic. Feel free to contact us using the convenient form, and discover if crown placement may be right for you. We proudly serve Wheaton, Glen Ellyn, Carol Stream, Winfield, and Naperville, Illinois.